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Arkestro, an AI-powered software, can provide you with multiple capabilities. Check out this comprehensive report from Gartner®.

Oil and Gas

Simplify, Optimize, Automate: Arkestro’s Approach to Oil and Gas

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Fueling the Future: Arkestro’s Predictive Procurement Drills Down on Efficiency in the Oil & Gas Industry

Predictive Procurement Orchestration is ready to revolutionize the oil and gas industry! Arkestro is designed to enhance procurement results and foster seamless collaboration across teams. The platform leverages the wealth of data at your fingertips, providing actionable insights through automated processes that drive optimal results. Experience a new era of efficiency and productivity with Arkestro’s automated solutions for the oil and gas sector.

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Average savings (12 month rolling)


“Arkestro’s unique approach to AI and sourcing delivers robust capabilities to forecast outcomes of sourcing events before they are actually issued. Therefore, it is a solution that organizations wanting to intelligently automate some of their sourcing events should consider.”

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Just the facts

Arkestro can help oil and gas companies to:

  • Reduce friction with suppliers
  • Speed up negotiations
  • Automate manual tasks to increase efficiency
  • Amplify procurement’s influence to achieve optimal outcomes
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