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Arkestro, an AI-powered software, can provide you with multiple capabilities. Check out this comprehensive report from Gartner®.


Optimize Manufacturing Efficiency with Arkestro

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Gear Up for Success: Predictive Procurement Fine-Tunes Efficiency in the Manufacturing Industry

Arkestro is your secret weapon in the manufacturing industry. We help you save money and time, across all areas of addressable spend. Predictive Procurement Orchestration offers real-time recommendations and can even act on your behalf to ultimately save you time, reduce business risk, and decrease costs so you can find the right supplier at the right price, right now.

For immediate savings, Predictive Execution allows you to negotiate faster with recommended pricing and creates competitive context with your suppliers, giving you the upper hand.

For longer-term strategies, Predictive Insights finds savings opportunities based on your buying history and changing market conditions.


savings in first event with incumbent supplier

saved on commodity resins bid


“With PPO, Westfall easily accessed and enriched internal historical data with Arkestro’s predictive models and then augmented these simulations using external real-time market data. Its artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities allow the platform to learn from the new data and resulting analytics, ensuring the most current and precise information.”

VP, Chief Supply Chain Executive at Westfall Technik

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Just the facts

Arkestro can help manufacturing companies to:
  • Receive competitive prices and quality materials
  • Integrate into their existing systems
  • Analyze transactional data to gain visibility
Smooth Data Migration

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