The Spend Matters’ analyst team released a white paper on the new market category of predictive procurement orchestration (PPO), and how the use of behavioral science, game theory and machine learning enables powerful new levers for enterprise procurement leaders. Discover how embedded platforms are changing the landscape of procurement.
Most organizations believe that their procurement system centers on people, processes, and technology. What’s missing in this picture? Data. The data that flows through technology and processes and is then interpreted by people to make decisions is a distinct domain. Data is often an integral part of the organization that’s overlooked. See how Arkestro solves the data problem with Predictive Procurement Orchestration.
We are living in challenging times; companies are facing unprecedented challenges on multiple fronts. Supply scarcity and shortages, inflation, and supply chain disruptions are a few examples. And as often happens in tough times, unique situations create opportunities for procurement. In this white paper, “How PPO Fits into Your Digital Procurement Roadmap,” Spend Matters discusses mobilizing your winning executive team for predictive procurement excellence.

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