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Arkestro, an AI-powered software, can provide you with multiple capabilities. Check out this comprehensive report from Gartner®.

About Arkestro

The story of Arkestro is in some ways the classic start-up story. But from our idea to our investors, we think we have a pretty unique thing going.

Arkestro is hiring!

See below open roles and our approach to supporting Arkestrians career journeys.

Our Values

Our Mission

Amplify the impact of procurement’s influence.

Our Vision

Offer the optimal method for enterprises to exchange data with suppliers

Benefits of Joining the Arkestro Team

Competitive salary and startup equity

We are a remote-first team (office presence in San Francisco and Atlanta), but we like to get together for team building, design sprints, and customer visits
We are highly supportive of flexible work hours
Unlimited PTO
Generous 401k matching and healthcare, dental, and vision plans
Every employee has access to a $1000 annual learning + development budget