Emerj AI in Business Podcast with Edmund Zagorin: Streamlining Automotive Purchasing with AI

Many complexities go into manufacturing a vehicle, including sourcing and purchasing all the different parts. But what makes automotive purchasing so complex? What data do we need access to in order to make smarter decisions? And where does AI fit into the mix? 

On Emerj’s AI in Business Podcast, Arkestro Founder and CEO Edmund Zagorin will answer these questions and discuss how AI can help make smarter, better decisions.

Everything from buying the electronics to the seat fabric, the tires, the chassis, and more is integral in automotive purchasing. Edmund pulls apart the many AI applications in this process and the data needed to help business leaders make more intelligent decisions about who we buy from, the pricing we’re paying for, and the past purchasing activities of our organizations.

Listen to the podcast to find out how Arkestro’s embedded predictive procurement platform can help the automotive industry make smarter procurement decisions.

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