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Arkestro Highlighted as Value Leader In Spend Matters’ Fall SolutionMap Rankings

November 17, 2022

Arkestro was recognized with the designation of “Value Leader” in the Sourcing category of Spend Matters’ Fall 2022 SolutionMap rankings. The Spend Matters SolutionMap is widely known as the most rigorous assessment of procurement technology functionality in the industry. The SolutionMap rankings are based on an expert analyst evaluation of 500+ RFI requirements, as well as validated references from the solution providers’ customers using the technology in the field.

“What if every sourcing event learned from the combined history of every sourcing event your team has ever run? Using our patented simulations and live suggestions, procurement teams using Arkestro are able to instantly tap into the best decisions of their best people in real time,” said CEO Edmund Zagorin.

“Our team is honored to see our technology recognized by SolutionMap as a Value Leader because that reflects the fact that our customers are leveraging Predictive Procurement Orchestration to achieve meaningful business results.”

“The sourcing market has far more to it than meets the eye. Technology that supports strategic sourcing efforts includes supply base analysis, market analysis, category strategy, cost/value modeling, supplier discovery, supplier qualification/certification, and sourcing execution that includes multi-round RFx/bidding (including reverse auctions and bid optimization support for constraint modeling, scenarios, conditional/bundled bids, etc.), supplier surveys, risk analysis, bid analysis, contract negotiations/awarding and more,” said Jason Busch, Founder and Lead Research Analyst at Spend Matters.

Arkestro’s Solution is Among the Best of the Best in Sourcing Solutions, According to Both Analysts and Customers. To read more about Arkestro and view the complete SolutionMap rankings, click here.

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