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Webinars  /  Procurement Harmony: Unveiling Strategies for Success in 2024
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Procurement Harmony: Unveiling Strategies for Success in 2024

With thought leaders from The Hackett Group and a live case study with Provisur Technologies.


In 2024, as outlined by Hackett, the top priorities in procurement revolve around optimizing spend reduction, guaranteeing supply continuity, and mitigating the impacts of inflationary price increases. Provisur has focused on emerging technologies, leveraging Predictive Procurement Orchestration to confront these challenges head-on.

View our webinar where Dirk Meuzelaar, Director of Global Strategic Sourcing at Provisur shares his team’s innovative strategies for navigating these top procurement priorities alongside Hackett thought leaders, illuminating the innovative strategies and successes driven by the rapid adoption of Arkestro.

3 Key Takeaways:

  • Insights into conquering the top procurement priorities from Provisur’s first-hand experience
  • Strategies for effectively leveraging and adopting new technology like Predictive Procurement Orchestration to enhance spend reduction and operational efficiency
  • Tactics for ensuring supply continuity in the face of volatile market conditions