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Future of Construction: Why Sourcing is Not Just About Pricing

Greg Cruz

Greg Cruz

VP of Professional Services at Arkestro
Marina Mayer

Marina Mayer

Editor-in-Chief at Supply Chain Network


Hear from a team of experts as they explore the ways in which Arkestro is transforming the construction industry.

About the Webinar:

Price is a crucial consideration for any company across all industries, whether it is the cost of a product or the potential savings it can bring. However, for those in the construction industry, sourcing is more than just about safeguarding their bottom line. It encompasses lead times and logistics requirements, spend management, supplier management, and even compliance regulations such as ESG requirements.

During this webinar, you’ll hear from Greg Cruz, VP of Professional Services and a team of experts as they discuss the challenges facing the construction industry today and how Arkestro’s solutions are addressing them head-on.

3 Key Takeaways:

  • Understand what predictive procurement is and its benefits for the construction industry
  • Hear real-world examples of how it has been successfully implemented in the field
  • Prepare for the future of construction and the next generation of projects