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Numbers and binary code

Demystifying Data Science for Procurement

Robyn Sablosky

Robyn Sablosky

Senior Product Manager for Machine Learning at Arkestro

Ben George

Ben George

Special Projects at Arkestro


This session will help demystify the words data scientists use and put them into the context of real world examples of what AI is (and isn’t) and how it applies to procurement.

About the Webinar:

With the advent of Chat GPT, everyone is talking about Artificial Intelligence (AI). For years we’ve heard buzz words like Machine Learning (ML), Predictive Analytics, and Natural Language Processing (NLP), but what does this mean for procurement professionals?

As organizations continue their digital transformation journey, procurement teams are now looking at solutions that utilize AI, like Arkestro, to keep up with their peers and ahead of the competition.

Learn about the evolving role of data and analytics and how if harnessed properly, they can help procurement professionals achieve their goals around reducing risk, lowering costs and increasing the range of spend under management.

3 Key Takeaways:

  • Understand what AI means to procurement
  • Hear real world examples of how AI is used
  • Get additional resources to learn more about AI in the workplace