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Win Using Predictive Procurement: Insights From High-Performing Teams

The future of procurement is predictive: prioritized projects in a pipeline managed against targets using a set of real-time Key Performance Indicators. The “ecosystem of connected apps” is here to stay. But with different workstreams for sourcing, purchasing, supplier management and p-cards, how can we orchestrate our procurement ops to prioritize high-leverage activities? Join us to learn how high-performing procurement teams are leveraging predictive analytics driven by AI to influence more spend, improve savings win-rates and exceed targets.

This presentation will demonstrate how to use analytics to deliver on strategic business objectives. You will learn:

  • How to predict and win 2-5x more savings using real-time price monitoring
  • How to align procurement with finance and ops to deliver on business objectives
  • How to identify costly exceptions and enable automated alerts before they hit your P&L

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