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Arkestro Announces Wonder Services as an Implementation Partner and Optimal Speaker

August 25, 2022

Digital Transformation in Procurement Specialist Will Support Arkestro Customers and Their Suppliers in Maximizing the Potential of Predictive Procurement Orchestration

SAN FRANCISCOAug. 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ – Arkestro, the leading Predictive Procurement Orchestration platform, has announced it has signed an Implementation Partner – Wonder Services, an expert in digital transformation and change management in procurement. Wonder Services will also be sponsoring Optimal ’22: Las Vegas, Arkestro’s Leadership Summit for Predictive Procurement, November 8-9th, with Founder and Chief Wonder Officer Amanda Prochaska scheduled to speak at the event.

“A staggering percentage of digital transformation projects in procurement fail, and 50 percent of global procurement leaders admit their companies are not succeeding in this area,” says Amanda Prochaska. “We came from procurement. We’ve seen that a big reason is that these projects focus too much on technology while de-prioritizing process design and people, especially suppliers who may be new to this kind of technology. We apply a unique methodology  to get different results. By focusing closely on suppliers, we can ultimately improve Arkestro customers’ supplier relationships and make them better partners, which is critical in this day and age.”

“We are thrilled to have Wonder Services as an Implementation Partner for the Arkestro platform, as well as an Optimal speaker,” says Arym Diamond, Chief Revenue Officer, Arkestro. “As we continue to build out our partner ecosystem, it will be important for us to work with organizations and professionals with a strong focus and expertise in supply chain and procurement. We view Wonder Services as having both the unique ability to execute at scale, while also being incredibly nimble.”

Amanda Prochaska has worked in procurement for 19 years. She and the global Wonder Services team apply decades of learning and experience to bring about positive shifts in even the most change-averse procurement operations across a variety of industries.

“Wonder Services understands and appreciates how important it is to be part of the paradigm shift in digital transformation in procurement,” says Arym Diamond, CRO, Arkestro. “We are thrilled to have Amanda speak at Optimal ’22 to share with our customers how they can reap the full benefits of Predictive Procurement Orchestration and help drive improvements in their organizations’ operational and financial performance.” 

Optimal ’22 attendees will be invited to meet with Wonder Services and speak directly with Amanda Prochaska.

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