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Just the Facts: The Procurement Industry

The percentage of spend under management of the procurement department at the average enterprise.

Nine in 10 CPO’s stated they should be doing more with the resources they have in place today and their overall performance should be better.

Ineffective and inefficient procurement technology infrastructures are unacceptable in 2023.
— Andrew Bartolini, Founder & Chief Research Officer, Ardent Partners

Percentage of CPOs

Who focused on improved quality and lower risk of spend during the pandemic


  • 12% 12%


Best-in-Class Procurement Departments

That have high adoption and strong usage of automation tools


  • 20% 20%


Feel They Are Sophisticated Users

With systems that are highly adopted


  • 10% 10%


A majority of procurement leaders believe that supply management technology, predictive analytics, and data science applied to procurement’s Big Data will have a significant impact on their operations over the next few years.

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Source: Ardent Partners, Predictive Procurement Orchestration: Four Ways It Can Transform the Industry report