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SSON Presents a Startup to Watch: Arkestro

September 23, 2020

This month, the Arkestro team was fortunate enough to attend SSON, the World’s Largest Shared Service and Outsourcing Network. During a competition where startups showcased critical new tools and services that Shared Services and Outsourcing Executive must be aware of, the contenders offered solutions and services where AI, automation, user experience, and agility were critical differentiators.

Arkestro won SSON’s coveted award for the year’s best startup! Edmund Zagorin, founder and CEO was able to impress and win over the judges with Arkestro as a sourcing enabler for the modern business, calling it the “next technology solution for your performance toolbox.” 

Check out this interview with Barbara Hodge, Principal Analyst and Global Digital Editor of Shared Services and Outsourcing Network, and Edmund where he says this is a “win for procurement professionals everywhere!” explains how his philosophy degree helped guide him towards network analysis, how network principles manifest in enterprise data sets and how Arkestro is changing the way business teams partner with suppliers, getting them better quotes faster.