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Ensure 100% coverage on your line items with Line Item Surveys from Arkestro

January 14, 2021

Breaking news from Arkestro: You can now survey suppliers at the line item level for every request you run on Arkestro before you collect quotes. 

Use this feature to ensure that all participating suppliers have the line items you’re looking to purchase in stock, can meet your required lead times, and have reasonable minimum order quantities.

Once suppliers complete the survey, our Expected Coverage feature allows you to quickly identify uncovered line items before running a live event or quote collection process. 

What does this mean for procurement professionals?

      • Less time spent back and forth with suppliers to ensure stocked items, lead times, and order quantities
      • Ensure 100% coverage on the line items in your Request before collecting quotes or running a bidding event


What does this mean for suppliers?

      • Line item surveys allow you to better communicate your value upfront and begin building a relationship with the buyer
      • Accurate data provided at the onset of a Request process eliminates potential miscommunication and misalignment  later on


Already an Arkestro customer? Good news! This feature is live in the product, check out Line Item Surveys today. If you have feedback to share, we’d love to hear it. Email Ben Leiken, Arkestro CTO, at [email protected].

Interested in trying this feature to get better quotes faster? Visit to get started with no upfront costs.