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Arkestro Founder and CEO Leads SCMDOJO Course “Introduction to Strategic Sourcing”

January 21, 2021

Why did we create “Introduction to Strategic Sourcing”?

Strategic sourcing is the biggest, highest-impact change in supply chain management in decades. Yet I could not find an accessible, engaging online course for understanding what strategic sourcing means, learning basic strategic sourcing techniques implementing a new strategic sourcing function quickly and easily in a way that can leverage automation. That’s the reason I began creating an “Introduction” level course.

Years ago I developed a workshop on “Digital Automation for Strategic Sourcing” that I have presented to groups of executives at CBRE, 3M, BASF, BP, Johnson & Johnson, DB Schenker, Gartner, AT Kearney, CPO Summit, ProcureCon, Digital Procurement World, Sourcing Industry Group (SIG) Summit, GSVLabs, and Plug & Play Tech Center. 

Now I am partnering with  Dr. Muddassir Ahmed from SCMDOJO, a community of supply chain professionals with 60,000 monthly visitors, 69,000 social media followers, and 28,300 newsletter subscribers to bring this workshop to anyone with a passion for operations, a desire to advance in their career and or simply curious about how strategic sourcing can improve business performance.

Who is this course meant to help?

This course is meant to help anyone interested in strategic sourcing, including category managers, supply chain managers, product managers, process owners, process transformation leaders, digital innovation professionals, buyers and finance professionals. To help ensure the content is relevant, we have specific examples from different industries and functions, with a number of cases from both direct and indirect procurement, ranging from materials and parts in manufacturing to business services and IT in management companies.

“Introduction to Strategic Sourcing” Structure

“Introduction to Strategic Sourcing” is a critically important learning tool for anyone involved in the procurement industry. The course is divided into three modules with a self-assessment for each module. The modules included in the course are:

      • Module 1: Purpose & Methods
      • Module 2: Practical Management Frameworks
      • Module 3: Advanced Topics & Digital Transformation

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