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Predictive Procurement Orchestration (PPO) helps companies save 16% within the first 60 days, run 3X as many events, and reach more addressable spend with the same resources.

Materne North America Squeezes Out Significant Savings on Packaging with Arkestro

Maker of GoGo SqueeZ Uses Predictive Procurement Orchestration to Save $1 Million in Product Packaging Costs and Expand Supplier Base

Complimentary Gartner® Report

“Predicts 2024: CPOs Adjust to Technology’s Impact on Procurement”

How Global Companies Use AI to Prevent Supply Chain Disruptions

As they strive to make their supply chains more resilient, global companies are using AI tools to find and engage with alternative suppliers during unexpected disruptions.

Arkestro drives better buying decisions, faster, at scale!

Every decision is your best decision

With ML and behavioral science Arkestro optimizes procurement cycles with direct actions based on your best decisions

Speed with confidence

Powered by data science, suggested offers shorten cycle times allowing you to run more competitive events

Scale your influence

By using Arkestro across all of your spend data, it’s possible to extend your reach without increasing headcount

View our optimal results

See how our customers are using PPO with an immediate impact within their first 60 days.


Average savings per event by a US Automotive Manufacturer

Savings realized in first 4 months for a Global Engineering Solution


Average supplier participation on events for a US Construction Materials Manufacturer

Procurement is about strategy and execution

But both need your most precious resource, time. A great strategy demands knowing your own buying patterns and behaviors, as well as having a pulse on the market. Strong execution requires an incredible amount of coordination between procurement, the business, and suppliers to get things done.

Arkestro delivers Predictive Procurement Orchestration that help your team create strategies faster across more areas of spend while integrating with your system to execute automated outcomes.

What customers are saying about PPO

Analysts agree, PPO is the next evolution in Spend Management

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“Predicts 2024: CPOs Adjust to Technology’s Impact on Procurement”
Spend Matters

“Procurement’s future is embedded platforms: Introduction to predictive procurement orchestration”

Ardent Partners

“Predictive Procurement Orchestration: Four Ways PPO Can Transform the Industry”

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Introduction to Arkestro’s Predictive Procurement Orchestration

Introduction to Arkestro’s Predictive Procurement Orchestration

Arkestro Solution ConsultantSummary: In these overview videos, you'll learn about the innovative features of Arkestro's Predictive Procurement Orchestration platform. Using a unique blend of behavioral science, game theory, data science, and automation, Arkestro...

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Want to learn more?

Talk to an expert on how PPO can help you drive better outcomes, faster, at scale.

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