Confessions of a CTO

Ben Leiken
CTO at Bid Ops
Gautham Viswanathan
Co - Founder and CPO at Workato

Why watch?

In this edition of Confessions of a CTO, we invite Ben Leiken, CTO of Bid Ops, to join Workato Co-Founder and CPO, Gautham Viswanathan, for a discussion on how this CTO leads both product and engineering teams to build predictive sourcing software so that businesses can stay ahead of the market.


What you’ll learn

  • The difference between a CTO and CPO in how they tackle product challenges
  • The journey of going from engineering to product and then to CTO
  • What it is like to juggle both product and engineering teams
  • How Bid Ops is partnering with Workato to enable a faster time to value
  • And more!

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