7 Food and Beverage Supply Chain Challenges in 2020

In the old days, food manufacturers didn’t sweat the issue of finding food suppliers. They looked local and went with the lowest prices. Often, they would build a processing factory right near the fields where they sourced their raw ingredients. Canning and bottling plants were built nearby, so the entire process was often run within […]

3 Ways Arkestro Removes Strategic Sourcing and Procurement Stress

It doesn’t matter what kind of business or organization you work for; if you’re part of the sourcing process, you’re working under pressure. Strategic sourcing stress is caused by day-to-day occurrences and manual process. Let’s leave strategic pressure aside for the moment, where we’re dealing with big picture stuff, and instead focus on day-to-day stresses. […]

How You Can Sell Value Using Arkestro

The business landscape continues to evolve at an increasingly rapid pace each and every year. As a supplier, you’re tasked with keeping up with this pace of change and responding to bid opportunities, inbound inquiries, and hitting your quarterly targets. This means building relationships with buyers is of the utmost importance when trying to win […]

3 Ways Arkestro Can Assist Your Automotive Sourcing Strategy

Automotive sourcing strategy is complicated, and few supply chains are as complex. Auto manufacturing embodies globalization, with assembly plants located across the world and many of them working on a just-in-time basis.  According to Toyota, the average new vehicle contains over 30,000 parts, ranging from tiny screws to highly sophisticated computer chips. Producing those thousands […]

3 Reasons Understanding Your Suppliers Better Will Benefit Your Sourcing

Supplier relationships are your new competitive advantage All businesses face extraordinary challenges in 2020. The fallout from an ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has put financial pressure on companies, resulting in cost-cutting across the board. In addition, the epidemic has severely disrupted supply chains. When critical raw materials and components are unavailable or in short supply, prices […]

3 Ways to Measure Predictive Procurement Success Beyond Cost Savings

There was a time when a company’s procurement function was largely left out of the loop and taken for granted. Once other business units had made the meaningful decisions, then it was up to the sourcing team to look after the mundane tasks of contacting suppliers and signing contracts.  A 2019 Harvard Business Review report […]