How Strategic Sourcing Can Help the CPG Industry

The typical person may not know offhand what CPGs are (consumer packaged goods), but you can bet they interact with them every day. The CPG industry produces everyday items. These are the products you find in grocery stores, big-box stores, hardware stores, and convenience stores. People increasingly buy them online. The CPG industry creates the […]

How to Select the Right Strategic Sourcing Software For Your Needs

You’re a procurement professional. The company or organization you work for has tasked you to choose a strategic sourcing software that supports this new way of doing things. First of all, congratulations! The shift from reactionary sourcing to strategic sourcing is a huge one. There’s work involved—including picking out the right sourcing software for your […]

4 Major Types of Sourcing Strategies in the Construction Industry

The construction industry encompasses many unique challenges, particularly in sourcing materials for their complex projects. From building a single custom home to being responsible for an extensive housing development or a towering skyscraper, much of the success (and the profitability) of a construction project rests on the shoulders of the team responsible for sourcing the […]