Optimal The Leadership Summit for Predictive Procurement

Our team is still basking in the glow of Optimal: The Leadership Summit for Predictive Procurement and wanted to share a guide to the resources of our speakers, customers and thought leaders. We knew beforehand that there was a significant demand for the kind of information we were going to share, but the level of […]

The Top 3 Reasons to Attend Optimal 2021

Optimal 2021 is the AI conference for procurement teams. Through practical experience and innovative insights, you can ignite your digital procurement journey.

SaaS: The Rise of Software as a Service (and its Role in Procurement)

The past decade has seen the extraordinary rise of SaaS or Software-as-a-Service. What is SaaS, and why has it become so popular? Traditionally, software solutions are installed and run onsite. Applications run on PCs, and if they are tied to a central server, that server is also a PC that’s located on the premises. Data […]

How to Select the Right Strategic Sourcing Software For Your Needs

You’re a procurement professional. The company or organization you work for has tasked you to choose a strategic sourcing software that supports this new way of doing things. First of all, congratulations! The shift from reactionary sourcing to strategic sourcing is a huge one. There’s work involved—including picking out the right sourcing software for your […]

Have You Made Your Material Sourcing Plan?

Many companies are content with employing a reactive sourcing strategy. When material sourcing, their procurement team responds to requirements from the business side of the operation as they arise. That’s fine—sourcing professionals have the expertise to deal with this common scenario—but is it the best way to be doing things? That is debatable.  Actually, it’s […]

3 Ways Arkestro Removes Strategic Sourcing and Procurement Stress

It doesn’t matter what kind of business or organization you work for; if you’re part of the sourcing process, you’re working under pressure. Strategic sourcing stress is caused by day-to-day occurrences and manual process. Let’s leave strategic pressure aside for the moment, where we’re dealing with big picture stuff, and instead focus on day-to-day stresses. […]

How You Can Sell Value Using Arkestro

The business landscape continues to evolve at an increasingly rapid pace each and every year. As a supplier, you’re tasked with keeping up with this pace of change and responding to bid opportunities, inbound inquiries, and hitting your quarterly targets. This means building relationships with buyers is of the utmost importance when trying to win […]

4 Major Types of Sourcing Strategies in the Construction Industry

The construction industry encompasses many unique challenges, particularly in sourcing materials for their complex projects. From building a single custom home to being responsible for an extensive housing development or a towering skyscraper, much of the success (and the profitability) of a construction project rests on the shoulders of the team responsible for sourcing the […]