3 Ways Arkestro Can Assist Your Automotive Sourcing Strategy

Automotive sourcing strategy is complicated, and few supply chains are as complex. Auto manufacturing embodies globalization, with assembly plants located across the world and many of them working on a just-in-time basis.  According to Toyota, the average new vehicle contains over 30,000 parts, ranging from tiny screws to highly sophisticated computer chips. Producing those thousands […]

SSON Presents a Startup to Watch: Arkestro

  This month, the Arkestro team was fortunate enough to attend SSON, the World’s Largest Shared Service and Outsourcing Network. During a competition where startups showcased critical new tools and services that Shared Services and Outsourcing Executive must be aware of, the contenders offered solutions and services where AI, automation, user experience, and agility were […]

Sourcing Automation vs. AI in Strategic Sourcing

There are many buzzwords regularly tossed around in this age of tech-based startups and digital transformation. Two such phrases are “Automation” and “Artificial Intelligence” (AI). It’s common to mix up the two, lump them together, or otherwise muddy the water of what is already a complex relationship between the terms. You’ve heard it, you think […]

3 Misconceptions About Artificial Intelligence (AI) In Procurement

Being in the AI procurement software business means that our team gets an inside view into how business leaders across the industry are thinking about implementing AI in their enterprise.  Across the board, we see people caught between curiosity about what’s possible and caution against snake oil. Embedded within this crosscurrent of excitement and skepticism […]