Arkestro: Bringing the Power of AI to Chemical Manufacturing

Chemical manufacturing is a massive global industry. Chemical manufacturers turn a wide range of raw materials into tens of thousands of different products. Some of these end up being used directly by consumers, but many of the chemicals produced become critical components used by a wide range of other industries. Food production, automobile manufacturing, farming, […]

The Top 3 Reasons to Attend Optimal 2021

Optimal 2021 is the AI conference for procurement teams. Through practical experience and innovative insights, you can ignite your digital procurement journey.

3 Misconceptions About Artificial Intelligence (AI) In Procurement

Being in the AI procurement software business means that our team gets an inside view into how business leaders across the industry are thinking about implementing AI in their enterprise.  Across the board, we see people caught between curiosity about what’s possible and caution against snake oil. Embedded within this crosscurrent of excitement and skepticism […]