Sourcing Software for Interior & Furnishing Industry

Realize the benefits of predictive procurement AI, supplier communication, quote management, and value analysis all in one neat package.

Arkestro Advantage

Manage materials with predictive purchase requests for smarter awards. Consumer packaged goods companies use Arkestro to rapidly reconcile units of measure for allocation of materials volumes across suppliers

Bob Daglian

Director Holman Growth Ventures, Holman

“Manage more of your spend with Arkestro RFP capabilities.”



Frank Battino

Director of Procurement & Logistics Services, Holman

“Arkestro empowers us to automate and accelerate the bidding process, speeding delivery of preferred supplier agreements to different businesses.”



Justin Heard

CapEx and industrial procurement manager, Bel Brands

“Overall, Arkestro has helped to modernize the RFP process. As we continue to leverage Arkestro, I anticipate anywhere from 2 to 10 hours of time reduction on data analysis alone.”


Food & Beverage

Jean-Michel dos Remedios

Head of Procurement, Sourcing, and Supplier Development, Bel Brands

“In the procurement world, time is of the essence, Arkestro has really helped to kickstart our digital transformation journey by giving us our time back through leveraging data and AI.

These innovations make us faster, and the faster we get, the more we can accomplish, and the more successful we can be.”


Food & Beverage

Tung Do

Global Procurement Manager, BASF

“Arkestro is a win for me and a win for BASF.”


Chemical Manufacturing

Claudia Hayes

Global Sourcing Manager, UCB

“Arkestro will help us focus more on value add activity and help us stay data-driven.”


Pharma & Healthcare

Sven Theysohn

Head of Procurement Coatings Americas, BASF

“The financial results of Arkestro are quite impressive.”



Chemical Manufacturing

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