Friends of Arkestro

Friends of Arkestro transforms the customer-supplier relationship into a strategic partnership.

Participation is currently by invitation only.


We believe that people are the most important piece of the business puzzle and your experience matters, so we're giving you a platform to make your voice heard. To show our appreciation, we're offering:

  • Increased influence on enhancements
  • Credit towards your renewal or upgrade
  • Participation in technology conferences
  • Co-marketing opportunities

Flexible Opportunities

This partnership and your time are valuable to us, so for every hour spent on these projects you will receive a credit to use toward renewal or upgrade costs.

  • Provide a quote: 15-30 minute time commitment.
  • Serve as a reference to a prospect: 15-30 minute time commitment.
  • Post a review: 30 minute time commitment.
  • Press release: 1-2 hour time commitment.
  • Case study: 2-3 hour time commitment.
  • Refer a new customer: Time commitment varies.
  • Media interview: Average preparation and participation time will vary.
  • Present at a conference: Amount of credit determined on a case by case basis.

For more information, email [email protected].