5 Lessons I Learned About Procurement’s Digital Transformation From Competitive Debate

Digital transformation has become an important topic for most procurement teams today. As I advise procurement leaders on how to approach digital initiatives I find myself looking back on experiences from high school and college where I was lucky enough to participate in the digital transformation of an entire community of practice: competitive debate. While […]

A Brave New Supply Chain World

To understand long-term transformations in supply chain and procurement technology, supply chain professionals must be able to understand present trends so they can help shape future realities. Experts believe the following predictions are viable hypotheses that we should consider for 2030. Predicting the Supply Chain Landscape in 2030 Increase in Population In 2030, there will […]

Data Science Is Changing the Procurement Landscape

By Christian Ries For years, supply chains have relied on manual data entries from spreadsheets to assess spend and opportunity. At the same time, large companies with several supply chains  combined their sourcing efforts in order to compile enough accurate data to run enterprising bids. In short, sourcing was a monumental undertaking that required laborious, […]

Arkestro Management Lessons

In building and scaling Arkestro, our team has worked hard to create an intentional culture where people are able to set individual and team goals that align with business metrics. We aim to build a company where anyone with vision and motivation who shares our values can do their best work, where we celebrate excellence […]

3 Misconceptions About Artificial Intelligence (AI) In Procurement

Being in the AI procurement software business means that our team gets an inside view into how business leaders across the industry are thinking about implementing AI in their enterprise.  Across the board, we see people caught between curiosity about what’s possible and caution against snake oil. Embedded within this crosscurrent of excitement and skepticism […]

Why Digitization Will (And Won’t) Displace In-Person Supplier Negotiations – What Does The Future Of Procurement Negotiation Hold?

40 Business Requirements For Your Strategic Sourcing Software

Edmund ZagorinCEO & Founder Negotiation is fundamentally a human act, between one or more humans. When two servers “talk to each other” to determine the optimal load-balance, we probably would not say that they are “negotiating”. However, the procurement profession is changing rapidly and globally, and negotiation is part of that profession. So what does […]