How Predictive Procurement Solves Challenges in the Food and Beverage Industry

Food and Beverage

Food and beverage producers have undergone sweeping changes over the past several decades. Technology innovations have been massive, changing how food is grown, processed, and purchased. There have also been widespread and dramatic changes in how companies work with suppliers, causing supplier relationship management to take a front seat.  With globalization, raw materials may come […]

6 Steps to Become Your Customer’s Supplier of Choice

supplier-client relationship

There is no debate regarding how critical the supplier-client relationship is within the procurement industry. And while much has been written about how procurement can improve relationships with suppliers—especially with the current supplier-centric economy—far less has been published discussing how suppliers can become their customers’ supplier of choice. Our six-step guide helps address this issue, […]

Arkestro Highlighted as Value Leader In Spend Matters’ Fall SolutionMap Rankings

Value Leader

Arkestro was recognized with the designation of “Value Leader” in the Sourcing category of Spend Matters’ Fall 2022 SolutionMap rankings. The Spend Matters SolutionMap is widely known as the most rigorous assessment of procurement technology functionality in the industry. The SolutionMap rankings are based on an expert analyst evaluation of 500+ RFI requirements, as well […]