How Does Arkestro Compare to Scout RFP (Workday Sourcing)?

Many procurement organizations are undertaking projects to modernize their operations. That’s understandable. Several things have proven to be a potent combination:     The never-ending mandate to cut costs with a fast time-to-value     A pandemic that saw procurement thrust into the spotlight as global supply chains were fractured     The move by […]

Procurement’s Talent Shortage: How to Continuously Motivate High-Performing Teams

Anyone who follows the news has seen the headlines about the exodus of workers from many industries dubbed as “The Great Resignation.” In September 2021 alone, 4.4 million Americans quit their jobs — a full 3% of the total workforce. While analysts suspect that many workers simply changed jobs, US labor statistics indicate a substantial […]

How Does Arkestro Compare to Fairmarkit?

Procurement and sourcing professionals who are researching advanced new procurement software often find two names that come up repeatedly: Arkestro and Fairmarkit. The two solutions aren’t necessarily in direct competition. In fact, there are even scenarios where some organizations might want to use both solutions for different aspects of their business. For example, Arkestro for […]

5 Lessons I Learned About Procurement’s Digital Transformation From Competitive Debate

Digital transformation has become an important topic for most procurement teams today. As I advise procurement leaders on how to approach digital initiatives I find myself looking back on experiences from high school and college where I was lucky enough to participate in the digital transformation of an entire community of practice: competitive debate. While […]

A Brave New Supply Chain World

To understand long-term transformations in supply chain and procurement technology, supply chain professionals must be able to understand present trends so they can help shape future realities. Experts believe the following predictions are viable hypotheses that we should consider for 2030. Predicting the Supply Chain Landscape in 2030 Increase in Population In 2030, there will […]

40 Business Requirements For Your Strategic Sourcing Software

Constructing an RFI (Request for Information) for an RFQ Software platform presents numerous challenges. Based on a survey of strategic sourcing leaders, here are 40 business requirements for your RFQ software – with no BS – organized around the four key sourcing personas: Procurement Leader, Buyer/Category Manager, Supplier, and Stakeholder. Before you implement predictive sourcing […]

Arkestro Management Lessons

In building and scaling Arkestro, our team has worked hard to create an intentional culture where people are able to set individual and team goals that align with business metrics. We aim to build a company where anyone with vision and motivation who shares our values can do their best work, where we celebrate excellence […]